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Setup and Track a Telecalling Team for Business.

An IVR system that brings smiles to customers and enriches their experiences with your company.

Enjay synapse is a renowned IVR System that provides new experiences in Customer Contact. Utilize the IVR system to improve your Marketing, Customer Experience and helpful Inbound Call Center Solutions. Get started with this programming now!

IVR It’s Simple, Advanced, and Custom


Simple Single Level IVR

The caller calls an audio file and gives input using DTMF codes. The IVR system routes the call according to system programming. Enjay Synapse provides a GUI to create and manage simple and single level IVR systems.                                   

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Advanced Multi Level IVR

You may consider an ADD with DIVR. It is not only more complex, but it can be also very useful and effective. Useful for call distribution or even better team organization/planning . Enjay Synapse provides a GUI to create and manage simple and multi level IVR.

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Opportunities to better attune your business’s call distribution mechanism can be explored by using data collected through your CRM. Enjay Synapse can be customized to connect with other software and provide required action to your customers.                                    

Enjay Synapse The IVR System for your Enterprise


Inbound and Outbound IVR

Enjay Synapse supports both Inbound and Outbound IVR (i.e. for inbound calls, on outbound calls, or for any call). IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.


Integrated CRM

Enjay Synapse comes with: an optional integrated CRM, which synchronizes all data to your account. It’s used by [optional] SalesMan, which is a customized Customer relationship management tool. All the information of the Caller is available.


Complete Solution

Enjay Synapse contains a number of valuable features. These include transactional integration, IVR system capabilities, automatic call distribution, and more!


Onsite IVR Solution

Onsite IVR system can be cheaper, easier to customize and might just be better for your business in the long run. It comes as either a physical device that runs on your own server or it can come complete with its own OS (operating system).                               

Reduce Human Errors with Business Process Automation

Automation can prevent or at least minimize human error if it is set up correctly.

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